Learn more about non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

- How to breed Dragons on the blockchain – Dragonereum – Medium
Now that you know how Dragonereum calculates the dragons’ skills, let’s explore the specifics of how these skills are inherited.
- The Non-fungible Alliance
"As diverse and unique as the non-fungible space is, so are the visions, potentials, and opinions about it. Our goal is to provide a common platform for all non-fungible thinkers, enthusiasts, and creators. Join in and share your part, too."
- Hashletes
On September 20th- 15,000 Player Cards will be issued for each athlete in the NFL. The Hashletes app is the only way you can get them. A Player Card is your ticket to a new NFL experience. You can get them in packs or individually. Cards get you into different fantasy games, each with a big cash prize
- Hedgie
Unlike other blockchain games that require cryptocurrency to get started, all you need is a credit card. Essential Hedgies are $10 USD, and Exclusive Hedgies start at $100 USD.
- Introducing dAppCaps an erc721 clone of the infamous collectibles game MilkCaps.
I clearly remember sitting in a circle of friends watching people playing MilkCaps. Do you remember MilkCaps? [...] If you ever played then you probably collected a few slammers and caps. Today we do things slightly different, mostly due to mobile devices. If I were to imagine MilkCaps being played today I would think it were being played on mobile devices and computers. [...] Similar to CryptoKitties, CryptoCaps is an erc721 non-fungible token. Each time a user creates a new token it is unique and identifiable by its metadata and hash.
- Unlocking some exciting news – Unlock – Medium
Today, I am proud to say that Unlock has closed a pre-seed round of funding led by General Catalyst and by Cherry Ventures and with participations from Consensys Ventures, Kindred Ventures, Betaworks, 122 West, La Famiglia, Coinbase Ventures and a group of stellar business angels. It’s an honor to have each of these partners on board and we’re excited to have their expertise as we grow.
- What are NFTs? – Decentraland
While we firmly believe these statements to be true, we sometimes get so swept up in our own excitement that we forget NFTs can be confusing and difficult to understand for new readers. So, we would like to take a step back and explain what NFTs are in a way that anyone can understand.
- Alfred Kahn Joins Blockchain Company Ecomi - Anime News Network
The man responsible for Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Cabbage Patch Kids joins Singapore-based blockchain enterprise to bring licensed digital collectables to market
- Mapping the Emerging Non-Fungible Token Landscape – Point Nine Land – Medium
Over the past few months, I have become fascinated by the concept of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Below I outline our current thinking and understanding of the space in the hope to connect with like-minded interested folks, spread the news and hopefully get some feedback to further and improve our understanding of NFTs and related applications.
- Standardizing value: Why token standards are critical for non-fungible tokens
What do railroads, credit cards, and CryptoKitties have in common? The answer is that they were all enabled by industry standards. As a definition, industry standards are established norms or requirements followed by the members of an industry. Many industries have embraced standards as a way to unlock value from emerging technologies. I believe that cryptoassets, and specifically non-fungible tokens (NFTs), will follow a similar path.
- ERC-1155: non-fungible tokens on steroids – ENVIENTA Open Source Everything – Medium
The ERC-1155 standard is a recommendation of the Enjin project. The project aimed to create a common organic platform for swapping the magic items of different games on Ethereum network. Magic items were represented by tokens too, but — compared to CryptoKitties — here, it is allowed to exist different types of one item.
- An ethereum asset is now the 2nd most valuable TCG card in the world
As of today, Hyperion (one of the four unique Gods Unchained Genesis Titans, and the only one directly available for purchase) has officially been bid on for a whopping 137.8 Ether (~$60,000 USD). That’s more than the previous longstanding record of $27,000 for a trading card: MTG’s ‘Alpha Black Lotus’ (and narrowly beaten by the recent record set three days ago for a Black Lotus of $87,000).
- Trinity developing Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) standard - NEO News Today
Trinity is aiming to develop an NFT standard for the NEO blockchain, and is currently using the name NEP-10. However, a NEO Enhancement Proposal for an NFT standard has yet to be submitted for review, and other developers within the ecosystem are also believed to be working on a similar standard.
- The Non-Fungibles Revolution of 2018 – Decentraland
In an effort to advance the NFT community’s standards, we propose a different approach to this new category of digital assets: the ERC821. This new standard would include the following functions and features: transferAndCall, Additional security by reducing the attack surface, Signal for ERC820 compatibility.
- NFTs and the Future of Digital Memorabilia – Hacker Noon
I’m excited about the potential of the intersection of eSports and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to create a new digital economy of cryptogoods and digital memorabilia that could become one of the first mainstream uses of cryptoassets. In this post, I explore the potential stages of adoption by outlining three phases of NFT gaming we are rapidly progressing through reaching more consumers and a greater market value at each stage.
- How will NFTs change games? – Decentraland
Crypto offers two new building blocks to the game developer. First, smart contracts allow developers to create publicly verifiable rules, users can connect with one another globally without being hindered by national borders, and money for transactions is built in to the protocol. Second, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) provide provably scarce, programmable, and censorship resistant digital goods. These building blocks will enable developers to augment existing game formats as well as create new game formats. Today’s crypto games are highly focused on experimenting with NFTs. In this post, I want to ask the following question: what impact will NFTs (or crypto-collectibles) have on games?
- NIFTYgallery | Design, share, and discover collections of cryptocollectibles - Decentralizing the minting of Non-Fungible Tokens
How designers and curators can align incentives and create awesome brands and experiences
- Non-Fungibles: The Next Crypto Gold Rush? – Sunrise Over the Merkle Trees – Medium
I think 2018 will be the year of non-fungible tokens. In the same way that ICOs were Ethereum’s ‘killer app’ in 2017, digital collectibles could be the killer app of ‘18. And for savvy speculators, flipping “non-fungies” could be a fruitful pastime...
- Re-Fungible Token (RFT) – billy rennekamp – Medium
What happens when a Bonded Token owns an NFT? The point of this writing is to explore the potential outcomes of using an ERC20 Bonded Curve Token (as per Simon de la Rouviere) or Liquid/Smart Token (as per Bancor) as the owner address of an ERC721 Non Fungible Token (NFT). Instead of a specific individual owning a specific NFT, they could hold a quantity of fungible tokens that represent in some way the original NFT. I suggest this could have interesting applications in curation markets for Art, Intellectual Property and digital paywalls.
- Non Fungible Tokens – Hacker Noon
Crypto tokens, like their physical counterparts can have many properties. Fungibility is a core characteristic of currencies. When a token is fungible it usually means 2 things: Only the quantity matters. My fungible tokens and your tangible tokens are indistinguishable and, if we have the same amount, we can swap them. Any amount of it can be “merged” into a larger amount of it making it undistinguishable from the rest. [..] Anything that does not have these 2 properties is, by definition, non fungible. Even though at this point the blockchain ecosystem has been focusing on creating fungible assets (mostly through currencies), there is, in fact, a much wider range of possibilities once we let go of fungibility for assets.
- Who Spends $140,000 on a CryptoKitty? - The New York Times
The art piece "Celestial Cyber Dimension," with a cryptokitty by Guilherme Twardowski inside, sold for $140,000 at the Codex Protocol Ethereal Live charity auction.
- Fungible vs non-fungible tokens on the blockchain – 0xcert – Medium
The potential of the blockchain technology is much more than cryptocurrencies. It will enable people, companies to put IDs, certificates, real estate data and other important information of the real world assets on the blockchain. Right now, this is what is causing a lot of buzz. Imagine having your diploma issued on the blockchain as a digital document that is recognized by all authorities around the world — no need to translate, notarize, verify it. While everyone is talking about this, how can this actually be done? The technology which made that possible are non-fungible tokens and we believe they are the future of the blockchain economy.

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